James Watt Dock Redevelopment Plans

The £180 million redevelopment of Inverclyde's historic James Watt Dock by urban regeneration company Riverside Inverclyde (ri) and Peel, one of the UK's leading property and transport companies, represents one of the largest-ever individual regeneration projects yet seen in Scotland and will see the creation of state-of-the-art commercial, marina and leisure facilities set alongside modern residential and retail space.

Over a 12-year period the redevelopment of the 107 acre dock will generate over £180 million of public/private investment and 1700 new jobs together with a commitment to help maintain existing key businesses.

The main concept for the James Watt Dock area is to create a hub of mixed use activity where people can work, live and play within an all-encompassing lifestyle development, and the Sugar Warehouse will be a focal point for this. A reminder of a time when Greenock was the sugar refining capital of the world, the 120-year-old landmark is Scotland's largest cast iron and brick industrial building. It has been unused since the early 1990s and on the Scottish Buildings at Risk Register since 1995. Now it will be given new life at the centre of this exciting redevelopment.

As well as making the area a tourist destination - the plans include a yacht club, visitor centre within the crane and a 100-bed hotel - locals will have improved access to the water and new cycle and walk ways. A key element in creating a mixed-use area will be making space for cafes, speciality shops and artist studios and workshops.