Commitment to ensuring the local area benefits from economic boost

The redevelopment of James Watt Dock will make a major change to the Clyde coastline.

Hundreds of new homes, the saving and conversion of the iconic A-Listed Sugar Warehouse, new cycle and walk ways, shops artists' quarter and a new marina will be the most visible change.

But through the construction stages and the commercial and retail facilities it will create, the project will also leave a much strengthened economy.

It will have created something in the order of 1700 jobs, and Riverside Inverclyde is working with the local council and other agencies to ensure as much of the benefits as possible stay local.

Supply chain development will give local companies business opportunities, and special training clauses in some contracts will offer local people the chance to gain the skills to let them take up local job openings created by the James Watt Dock development and other projects by Riverside Inverclyde and partner organisations.

Riverside Inverclyde Chief Executive Bill Nicol said: "Through this project, we will be building one of the most outstanding and vibrant locations in Scotland to live and work in, that will be the envy of many."

With 12,000sqm of retail and business space on the cards, on top of the existing employment at the docks, there will be considerable scope to generate both jobs and investment in the area. The approximately 400-berth marina will also bring leisure and commercial opportunities, opening up the area to local people and attracting visitors.

The project, fully supported by the Scottish Government, aims to secure long-term economic growth by increasing employment rates across a range of skill levels as well as the percentage of small to medium sized businesses, not just going for growth through initial investment, but spreading the benefits of that growth to local residents and business community alike.

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