Companies to play key role in dockland development

Companies based at James Watt Dock have been reassured they form a key part of the development's future.

Clydeport and Riverside Inverclyde - partners in the £180 million transformation of the site - have met the Dock's established businesses to confirm they'll all be welcome to continue calling James Watt Dock their home.

"The development has always been about creating a vibrant, productive waterfront community in which to work, live and play - and the companies already on-site will be a part of that community," explained Clydeport's Brian Lavalette.

A good example is Garvel Clyde Ltd, which provides dry docking and marine repair services at its 200-metre Greenock Drydock - one of the largest dry docks on Britain's west coast. "This is an integral part of the development and will stay where it is," said Brian, who confirmed that only two companies would need to make a slight shift in location within the James Watt Dock area.

Towage specialists Svitzer Marine Ltd and Serco Denholm, which maintains and refurbishes MOD vessels, are expected to move a short distance to suitable sites nearby.

Brian stressed: "We have made a clear commitment to both these companies. "The coming and going of their ships will continue to be a part of the busy working life of the James Watt Dock."

It's thought that, in the long term, the first company to move will be Svitzer Marine, which currently has an open storage area on-site and uses part of the pier for berthing. And it will be at least five years before Serco Denholm makes its short hop to its new location.

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